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Eugene O'Neill Theatre | New York, New York

The Book Of Mormon

What happens when you combine the musical structure of a classic Sondheim production with the satire and vulgarity of a South Park episode? You get The Book of Mormon - a holder of a Tony Award for Top Musical - having its path to the Eugene O'Neill Theatre on Sunday 29th October 2023! From its first appearance, the show has earned nine Tony Awards, containing Top Musical, for its provocative comedy and catchy tunes that have later converted many into enthusiastic musical theatre fans! This groundbreaking performance is bold in conveying a satirical lampoon of the quirkier aspects of the Mormon faith as the main characters and the villagers finally discover common consensus in their shared human nature. Observe these proselytizers journey to the scene at New York, New York this upcoming fall! Ready yourself to be enlightened as you pursue this empowering and current narrative of faith, friendship and culture. The Future Is Bright, but be certain you secure your tickets right away! Take action and reserve your places as early as you can!

The Book of Mormon IS on stage at the Eugene O'Neill Theatre on Sunday 29th October 2023!

Traveling across North America, the theater show's nationwide journey will make stops in New York, New York at the Eugene O'Neill Theatre this fall.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the duo from Colorado behind South Park and Team America: World Police, serve as the creators for this globally renowned story. The inspiring plot chronicles the journey of two missionaries from the esteemed Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as they work hard to share their faith with the inhabitants of a small Ugandan settlement. The absence of interest from the villagers poses a difficulty for the dedicated young men, since they are dealing with more significant issues, like HIV/AIDS, poverty, famine, female genital mutilation, child molestation, and the oppressive rule of the local warlord.

“The Book of Mormon is incredibly clever, astonishingly kind, remarkably nuanced, and one of its surprises is that it left audience captivated, elated, and curiously Mormon missionaries Mormons," The well-known publication reports.

Extend an invitation to all your buddies and secure the finest viewing entertainment at the Eugene O'Neill Theatre situated at the center of New York. With this opportunity, no other theater can provide a better Book of Mormon production!

The Book Of Mormon at Eugene O'Neill Theatre

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