The Ultimate Guide to the Book of Mormon Musical

Welcome to the smash-hit Broadway sensation, The Book of Mormon Musical! This satirical, comedic masterpiece is brought to you by the creative minds behind South Park and Avenue Q, and has been entertaining audiences since its debut in 2011. Come with us as we explore the ins and outs of this hilarious yet thought-provoking musical, from its memorable characters to its catchy tunes and phenomenal success on Broadway and on Tour.

Prepare to laugh, sing along, and learn about the unique aspects of the Book of Mormon musical, as we delve deep into the storyline, discuss the incredible cast and creative team, and provide you with all the essential information for your visit to the Eugene O’Neill Theatre. Are you ready for a theatrical experience like no other? Let’s dive in!

Key Takeaways

  • The Book of Mormon Musical is a critically acclaimed satirical comedy created by Trey Parker, Robert Lopez and Matt Stone.

  • It features an atheist’s love letter to religion through the journey of two Mormon missionaries in Uganda.

  • The musical has achieved international success with numerous awards, productions and tours. Offering a thought-provoking experience for mature audiences who appreciate its humor and themes.

The Book of Mormon Musical: A Brief Overview

book of mormon musical

The Book of Mormon is a musical comedy created by Trey Parker, Robert Lopez, and Matt Stone. It consists of music, lyrics, and a book all composed by the trio. This satirical production was initially conceived as an Off-Broadway show, but its creators, known for their work on South Park and Avenue Q, decided to bring it directly to Broadway, where it premiered on March 24, 2011.

The Broadway cast features talented actors such as:

  • Kevin Clay as Elder Price

  • Cody Jamison Strand as Elder Cunningham

  • Kim Exum as Nabulungi

  • Derrick Williams as General

Critics and audiences alike have praised The Book of Mormon for its humor, catchy tunes, and thought-provoking storyline. Vogue Magazine called it “the filthiest and most offensive thing to be seen on Broadway this year”. Surprisingly, the magazine also stated that it was “possibly the funniest musical ever”. Co-creator Matt Stone characterized the show as “an atheist’s love letter to religion”. What sets this musical apart? Delving into the storyline and characters reveals why it has won the hearts and laughter of millions.

The Storyline and Characters

book of mormon broadway characters

The Book of Mormon follows the story of two young Mormon missionaries, Elder Price and Elder Cunningham, who are sent to a remote Ugandan village to convert the locals to their faith. However, they encounter various challenges, including the villagers’ preoccupation with more pressing matters such as HIV/AIDS, famine, and oppression by the local warlord. One of the memorable moments of the musical is the “spooky mormon hell dream” scene, which adds to the humor and satirical look at both the Mormon faith and the concept of missionary work.

The protagonists, Elder Price and Elder Cunningham, are portrayed by Kevin Clay and Cody Jamison Strand, respectively. Their story is enriched by a diverse cast of characters, encompassing villagers, the General, and fellow missionaries like Elder McKinley, portrayed by PJ Adzima.

As their journey unfolds, Elder Price and Elder Cunningham engage with several characters, including Elder McKinley, the district leader who advises them on dealing with distressing thoughts. They also meet Nabulungi, the daughter of Mafala Hatimbi, who guides them to their lodgings. These encounters add humor to the missionaries’ story, showcasing their growth and transformation.

Beyond the main characters, The Book of Mormon is enriched by a varied ensemble of supporting roles that breathe life into the story. The villagers, portrayed as noble savages in need of guidance, provide a backdrop for the missionaries’ efforts. Meanwhile, the General, initially named General Kony and later changed to General Butt Fucking Naked, adding a layer of tension to the plot.

Other missionaries play a crucial role in the story as well. Elder McKinley, the district leader, instructs Elder Price and Elder Cunningham on how to manage their distressing thoughts, while Price’s father appears in various scenes. These memorable supporting characters combine with the main cast to create an unforgettable experience for audiences. With memorable characters and a unique storyline, The Book of Mormon has captivated audiences from around the world.

The Music and Songs

Renowned for its catchy melodies and witty lyrics, The Book of Mormon’s music cleverly underpins its satirical narrative. Fan favorites include “Hello,” “Hasa Diga Eebowai,” and “I Believe”. From upbeat, ensemble numbers to heartfelt ballads, the musical’s songs showcase the talents of its creators, Trey Parker, Robert Lopez, and Matt Stone.

A cast recording of the original Broadway production was released on May 17, 2011. It was recorded by Ghostlight Records and included all the songs performed on stage. This recording allows fans to relive the musical’s memorable moments and enjoy the music even when they can’t make it to the theatre. The Book of Mormon’s music and songs are undoubtedly a key ingredient in the show’s phenomenal success.

Broadway and Beyond: The Book of Mormon’s Success

Following its Broadway debut on March 24, 2011, The Book of Mormon has achieved remarkable success, garnering glowing reviews, multiple awards, and a thriving fan base. The musical earned nine Tony Awards, including Best Musical, and a Grammy Award for Best Musical Theater Album. This acclaim has helped to secure its place as one of the most popular shows on Broadway and beyond.

The show’s triumph transcends Broadway, marked by international productions and tours in:

  • London

  • Australia

  • North America

  • UK

The various productions have also received numerous accolades, including Best Musical at the Olivier and Helpmann Award ceremonies. The Book of Mormon’s enduring popularity is a testament to the show’s unique blend of humor, heart, and unforgettable music.

Broadway Premiere and Run

Making its Broadway debut in February 2011, The Book of Mormon swiftly garnered attention for its distinct fusion of comedy, social critique, and memorable tunes. The show received numerous accolades during its Broadway run, including nine Tony Awards and a Grammy Award for Best Musical Theater Album. The musical’s success on Broadway was further cemented by its innovative pricing strategy, which helped to quickly recoup the $11.4 million investment within nine months of performances.

The Broadway production continues to entertain audiences, with its impeccable cast and creative team ensuring that each performance is as fresh and engaging as the last. The Book of Mormon has become the 13th longest-running show in Broadway history, proving that its unique blend of humor, heart, and unforgettable music continues to resonate with audiences.

International Productions and Tours

With international productions and tours, The Book of Mormon has achieved significant success, captivating audiences well beyond Broadway. The musical has had the following productions and tours:

  • The West End production officially opened in March 2013.

  • The Chicago production began previews in December 2012 and concluded in May 2016.

  • The musical toured Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth in Australia in 2019.

  • The musical toured various cities across the UK and Ireland in 2021 and 2022.

These international productions and tours have featured talented actors in the leading roles, such as:

  • Ryan Bondy

  • A.J. Holmes

  • Rowan Witt

  • Zahra Newman

  • Bert Labonté

The universal appeal of The Book of Mormon’s humor, music, and story has allowed the show to captivate audiences around the world, solidifying its status as an international theatrical phenomenon.

Visiting the Eugene O’Neill Theatre

eugene oneil theatre book of mormon

Located at 230 West 49th Street in New York City, the historic Eugene O’Neill Theatre is home to the Broadway production of The Book of Mormon. Designed by Herbert J. Krapp and opened in 1925, the theatre was originally named the Forrest Theatre and later renamed in honor of the renowned playwright Eugene O’Neill. With a capacity of 1066 seats, the theatre offers an intimate setting for experiencing this unforgettable musical.

The Eugene O’Neill Theatre is committed to providing a comfortable and accessible experience for all guests. While the theatre is not entirely wheelchair accessible, wheelchair seating is available with no steps to the designated area. For those with hearing impairments, assistive listening devices are also available.

Plan your visit to the Eugene O’Neill Theatre and prepare for an unforgettable night at the theatre!

Book of Mormon NYC Schedule

Ticket Information and Pricing

With prices starting at $59, Broadway tickets for The Book of Mormon present an affordable choice for theatre enthusiasts eager to experience this humorous and provocative show. To purchase your tickets for The Book of Mormon at Eugene O’Neill Theatre, visit the website Ticket Squeeze, a secure marketplace, by clicking the “Get Tickets” button. The theatre offers accessible seating options for patrons with disabilities, ensuring a comfortable experience for all.

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For those looking to score last-minute Mormon tickets, The Book of Mormon offers a digital lottery through, where a limited number of $45 tickets are available for each performance. This provides a great opportunity for spontaneous theatre-goers to experience the show at a reduced price. Secure your tickets today and prepare to be entertained by The Book of Mormon’s unique blend of humor, heart, and unforgettable music.

Age Recommendations and Content Advisory

As a satirical comedy featuring explicit language, sexual innuendos, and mature themes, The Book of Mormon is best suited for teenagers and adults. Children below 4 years of age are not allowed in the theatre. Entry for such young children is not permitted. While the musical’s humor and catchy tunes are entertaining, some may find the content inappropriate for younger audiences.

While the show satirizes the Mormon faith and its practices, The Book of Mormon also fosters curiosity and dialogue about the religion. So, while the show may not be suitable for all ages, it offers a unique and thought-provoking experience for those who are old enough to appreciate its humor and themes.

Critical Reception and Audience Reviews

book of mormon musical reviews

Earning high praise from both critics and audiences, The Book of Mormon is lauded for its humor, music, and performances. The New York Times described it as a “terrific and pleasure-giving musical,” while The Guardian lauded its “punchingly good music” and “raucously funny show”. Variety noted that the show “surpasses other Tony winners,” a sentiment echoed by the numerous awards it has received, including nine Tony Awards and a Grammy Award for Best Musical Theater Album.

Audiences have also expressed their admiration for The Book of Mormon, with many citing its humor, music, and acting performances as standout aspects of the show. This widespread acclaim has helped to cement The Book of Mormon’s status as one of the most beloved and popular musicals on Broadway and beyond.

The Latter-Day Saint Perspective

Although The Book of Mormon satirizes the Mormon faith and its customs, the official position of the Mormon church towards the musical is positive. The church encourages audiences to enjoy the show while also learning more about the true teachings of the Mormon faith. This open-minded approach has been appreciated by the creators of the musical, who expected the church to be amenable to the show and were not surprised by their response.

It’s worth noting that some Latter-Day Saints may find the musical’s humor and mocking portrayal of their religion to be disrespectful and offensive. However, The Book of Mormon offers an opportunity for conversation and reflection on the complexities of faith, missionary work, and cultural understanding, making it an engaging and thought-provoking theatrical experience.


In conclusion, The Book of Mormon is a unique and unforgettable musical that has captured the hearts and laughs of millions. From its engaging storyline and memorable characters to its catchy tunes and thought-provoking themes, it’s no wonder that this satirical, comedic production has become a Broadway sensation and an international phenomenon.

Whether you’re a fan of South Park, a lover of musical theatre, or simply curious about the show, The Book of Mormon offers a hilarious and heartwarming experience that will leave you entertained and inspired. So, why not grab your tickets, head to the Eugene O’Neill Theatre, and embark on a theatrical adventure unlike any other?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the point of The Book of Mormon musical?

The Book of Mormon is an original musical comedy satirizing the beliefs, practices, and culture of the Latter-day Saints. Written by the creators of South Park, it offers a humorous take on Mormonism and other religious traditions with a nod to reality.

Is The Book of Mormon musical appropriate?

The Book of Mormon musical is suitable for high school students and up, as it contains humor and topics that may be more appropriate for older audiences. Children under the age of 4 are not permitted in the theatre.

What is the plot of The Book of Mormon musical?

The Book of Mormon follows two inexperienced Mormon missionaries sent to convert a Ugandan village, with the musical winning nine Tony Awards, including Best Musical.

Is The Book of Mormon Broadway funny?

The Book of Mormon musical is widely considered the funniest ever written, with its clever and irreverent humor that pokes fun at religion and society.

Where is the Book of Mormon playing in NYC?

The Book of Mormon is currently playing at the Eugene O’Neill Theatre, located on 230 W 49th Street in New York City.