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The Book Of Mormon

Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s Book of Mormon is a satirical musical with tons of heart and lots of laughs that you’ll get to experience on Thursday 11th January 2024 at the fan favorite Eugene O'Neill Theatre in New York, New York. This comedic story of two Latter-Day Saints missionaries preaching faith to a remote Ugandan village brings a surprising amount of warmth from the opening song “Hello!” all the way to the reprises that end the surprisingly sweet story. John Stewart of the Daily Show had nothing but praise for South Park’s creators for developing the story, and Ben Brantley even compares it favorably to classics “The King and I” and “The Sound of Music”. You have the chance to watch this incredible production run by clicking the Buy Tickets button below.

The narrative follows the adventure of two Mormon proselytizers as they work to share their faith with the locals of a tiny Ugandan community. Developed by the creators of South Park, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, as well as the record-breaking EGOT recipient, Robert Lopez, the musical score is renowned for earning its very own Tony Award.

In reply to requests from cast members to reassess the portrayal of black characters in light of concerns about racial fairness, a handful of lyrics and points of the narrative were marginally altered back in 2021. However, the concepts of friendship, faith, and positivity, which surpass all faiths, persist unchanged throughout the performance.
In their evaluation, The New York Daily News portrays how The Book of Mormon is a performance where you frequently find yourself laughing one moment and subsequently realize your mouth agape the next, eventually tearing up and, finally, rooting for the primary singers. Writers Stone and Parker are well-known for their "take-no-prisoners, nothing-is-sacred method to comedy."

Moreover, Lopez exemplifies a talent for thumbing his nose at current norms. As all three share credit for the script, music, and lyrics, this show can be characterized as "foolish, heartfelt, and extraordinarily crude, while the score consistently upbeat and shrewd keeps the acts in this Book rotating seamlessly.”

The Eugene O'Neill Theatre is considered one of the leading venues for in-demand Broadway shows in all of New York! Drop by the performance area at New York for the best viewing experience of The Book of Mormon.

The Book Of Mormon at Eugene O'Neill Theatre

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