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Eugene O'Neill Theatre | New York, New York

The Book Of Mormon

Start believing this fall! The envoys of the Book of Mormon will make a stop at the Eugene O'Neill Theatre on Wednesday 8th November 2023! As the bearer of nine esteemed Tony Awards, including Best Musical, this innovative show fearlessly offers a satirical spin on the unusual features of the Mormon faith, even as the protagonists and villagers in the end discover mutual agreement in their mutual humanity. Contrary to conventional teachings, this tale envisions the early Mormon pioneers grappling with challenges like AIDS, oppression, poverty, and famine, reflecting the struggles of ordinary village life. In the upcoming fall, observe the Tony Award-winning musical right in the heart of New York, New York, where the musical production will illuminate the stage and ignite the spirits of numerous! Catch the Ugandan Mormons paired with the energetic duo in this encouraging tale of faith and tradition fusion. Tomorrow holds potential, but remember to secure your entrance passes today! Press that purchase button ahead of the seats run out!

The Book of Mormon IS live at the Eugene O'Neill Theatre on Wednesday 8th November 2023!

Traveling across North America, the Broadway show's continental trek will be making appearances in New York, New York at the Eugene O'Neill Theatre this fall.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone, both pair from Colorado behind South Park and Team America: World Police, are the creators of this internationally acclaimed tale. This captivating plot chronicles the adventure of two missionaries from the esteemed Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as they endeavor to share their faith with the inhabitants of a modest Ugandan community. The lack of interest from the villagers presents a challenge for the earnest young men, since they are faced with more pressing matters, such as HIV/AIDS, poverty, famine, female genital mutilation, child molestation, and the oppressive rule of the local warlord.

“The Book of Mormon is exceptionally clever, surprisingly kind, astoundingly nuanced, and one of its many surprises is that it left behind audience captivated, ecstatic, and oddly Mormon missionaries Mormons," The reputable news outlet recounts.

Gather all your pals and secure the finest viewing experience at the Eugene O'Neill Theatre situated at the heart of New York. With this chance, no other auditorium offers a superior Book of Mormon production!

The Book Of Mormon at Eugene O'Neill Theatre

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